Pastor teacher preacher yeah. You couldn’t reach her. Nobody couldn’t teach her. You said you wouldn’t be a friend to him. that’s why he’s not saying amen. He came by the church he was hurt. Nobody came over to say a word. He heard you talk about him over the pulpit. He thought it was a sermon. but call him a misfit. You put your vision on the tablet on the table. Nobody can figure out if it’s yours or if God is able. You said the people belong to you. But when they leave you don’t have a clue. you couldn’t reach him. nobody couldn’t teach him because you said you wouldn’t be a friend. teacher a spiritual father. But when I come to you you don’t want to even be bothered. Hey my friend I knew you when. You became a leader and now I became like a sin. Pastor you got problems .. Go get your counseling..or they Will be announcing. That you will leave here bouncing. Don’t put my name on the roll. My benefit it’s not your goal. Don’t ask for an offering .don’t ask me . If you continue barkin. Don’t shout at me. preach at me so that I can be free.Preacher man not me.

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