I was so excited. I was going to a pre-grammy weekend. starting off with a listening party for Tramaine Hawkins. Then a pre-grammy concert starring Natalie Cole. I was so excited to go to the listening party. I terribly wanted to meet miss Tramaine Hawkins. I loved her music. Going up yonder. Changed. I remember when I was younger. I prayed so hard that I would be able to go to a Tramaine Hawkins concert. I waited patiently, Well the Lord answered my prayer and I was able to go to the concert. It was it was a wonderful concert and she did all my favorite songs. Back to the party,I arrived at the listening party. I saw Miss Hawkins and her Entourage and wondered when I could get over to meet her. I saw that the coast was clear and I pressed my way through the crowd so that I could so that I could meet Miss Hawkins. When I saw her I felt like I was looking at an African princess. She had beautiful chocolate skin and beautiful brown eyes and very thin and tall. I said hello Miss Hawkins and shook her hand. All I could do was stand there with my mouth open.I couldn’t believe that I was meeting Tramaine Hawkins. She asked me did I want an interview. Because there was a lot of announcers there they would be playing her new album. I told her I was not announcer but ,I was a fan and wanted to meet her. She looked at me and said wow is so glad to meet you anyway. Then she walked off with her Entourage. I was bubbling up in the inside and happy with Glee I met Tramaine Hawkins! It was like meeting a queen. I rushed over to my niece who was a radio announcer. I told I just met Tramaine Hawkins. She looked at me and was glad for me and said well I’m so glad that all your wishes came true. I hope you’re happy now. As we traveled back home. I was excited and proud.I told everyone about my meeting.I told them that know I was an official Tramaine Hawkins fan. That was one of my most precious memories . The listening party.

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