I was so excited I was going to a pre-grammy concert aaron my cousin drove us in an elegant white car with a sun roof top. She drove through the city of New York streets like a wild woman. She was like a pro taxi cab driver. We arrived at a vintage looking Church where the concert was going to be held at. We were stopped at the door because our names were not on the list. My niece who was a radio announcer called the record executive over to get us in the concert. She said only two people could sit at the front and one would have to sit at the back. Since I was the only gentleman I sat in the back.The show MC was the beautiful Natalie Cole. She was such a beautiful sightShe had Beautiful brown eyes and was tall and thin.She had a beautiful gown on. She had a lovely speaking voice and the concert began. There were musical artist & choirs.I can remember thinking wow the Grammys will be held the next day at a place nearby. Well this is the closest that I will get to the Grammys. The concert went on it was beautiful we clapped hands, and shouted. At the end of the concert I looked up. I could not believe what I saw. I saw Isaac Hayes and his Entourage. I thought I had stepped back into a 70s movie and almost fell off my seat to see Isaac Hayes walking down the church aisle. I looked again and there was my old friend Andre crouch with his Entourage. I was so tickled to see some of my favorite stars there. At the end of the concert I followed Donnie McClurkin so that I could say hello to him. I saw him in his dressing room in he said hello to me and I said hello back to him. That was a whole lot of fun. At the end I saw other important dignitaries and artists. I was so glad that we made it to the concert. The concert was a true good memory for me.

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