Remember a time when people used to sit on their porch. I remember my sister would come out and sit down on her porch early. She would sit there and drink coffee. People were attracted to my sister like magnets. She was sit there for a while then someone would show up. People would sit there and talk to her for hours about their problems. She would give them advice and she would listen to them very attentively. . She would then like to talk on the phone with my aunt. they would talk about recipes and family problems and talk about the good old days. I too will go sit with my sister on the porch. It was just something soothing and calming about her personality she was just a lot of fun to be with. She had a calming voice,but Lord don’t make her mad. She was the black Captain. she would give out free lunches during the summer. She would also have lunch on the porch and she would drink diet soda and eat chocolate Tootsie Rolls. She would talk about things that she was going to do for people. She was a missionary at heart. She would do whatever she could for people. We would talk about the Bible and scriptures and things that we needed to learn about scripture. We would also talk about food which is our favorite subject. She would talk about collard greens and frying chicken. She would make a delicious pineapple coconut cake. It was a huge cake She had a lot of children . Everyone can have cake and more. I remember the times with my sister and the neighborhood came to talk to her.Some people would stay for15 minutes. Some people would stay for hours. That’s why I called my sister the porch therapist. Because so many people with issues would talk to her on the porch. If she was a professional at that time she would have made a lot of money I miss my sister and the good times we had on the porch.

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