I remember going to a tribute to the great Ruby Dee It was at a Big Concert Hall in Philadelphia. There were loads of people there coming to honor her greatness. My wife and I was sitting very high. She said these seats are nosebleed seats. I said I did the best I could I still paid a lot of money for these. The concert’s MC was the great Robin Roberts. Some of the performers were Sweet honey in the Rock and Jill Scott. Jill Scott in particular did a great job on home. The song from the Wiz. Ruby Dee gave a great speech. The speech seemed repetitive in nature but, it captured her life and the essence of it. I remember at the end of the concert. The great Nancy Wilson came out to perform. With great songs like guess who .Don’t ask my neighbor. She stood there with a coolness in her demeanor. She looked beautiful with her silver gray hair and beautiful evening gown. She taught me that night what jazz greatness was. I remember when I was young my sister who was a big fan of Ms. Wilson. We would sit in her room and she will play her records for hours and hours. I was always captivated by her voice style of singing. I was particularly captivated she would echo while singing her music. My sister also loved Johnny Mathis and Dionne Warwick. Listening to miss Nancy Wilson bought those memories back. Sitting in my sister’s room listening to her music. so I say rest in peace mrs. Wilson. I believe you are a jazz legend and people will listen to your music for years to come we will miss you and you’re wonderful jazz voice. Rip.

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