Who’s that boy. He was a Fat boy born in the city. He was known to be witty. Who was very religious he watched Jim and Tammy Baker. Got saved everyday till someone told him it takes one time .They helped him find the way. He had so much to say. He always knew Jesus was the way. He wore great big buttons on his jacket. He always said jesus will make it happen. . He knew his friends were laughin. He said oh my God what’s happen. Nobody talks to me. No one’s rappin. He loved Gosphel Music he loved shoutin and clappin. He had no doubt what Jesus was all about. He loves to go to church . The word of God he would always search. He always kept alert. He was a fat child. Mom and sister wanted him to adapt the healthy lifestyle. He had low self-esteem he didn’t fit He thought everything was a sin . Someone said God will lift you up. God will fill your cup. He will never stop. He will make you proud of your life one day. Your walk in Jesus you will not be dismayed.

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