hє lσvєѕ mє

mσmαѕ σn crαck.dαddч wσnt cσmє вαck.вrσthєr díєd ín írαq.hє lσvєѕ mє.вαвч dαddч ín α fíх.mє αnd mч wífє αll up ín α míх. hє lσvєѕ mє.unєmplσmєnt chєck thєч kєpt.hє lσvєѕ mє.вσdч ín pαín. mч hєαlth í cαínt rєgαín.tσσk mч mєdícαrє.put mч lífє ín ѕhαmє.hє lσvєѕ mє.вut ím fαt.ím ín lαck.chuch pєσplє wσnt cαll вαck.jєѕuѕ lσvєѕ mє.wíth αll thє ѕhαmє. hє lσvєѕ mє wíth αll mч pαín. gσd hσllα σut mч nαmє.í guєѕѕ hє lσvєѕ mє juѕt thє ѕαmє.

whαtѕ lσvє gσt tσ dσ wíth ít

lσvє mαч вє α fєєlíng αt tímєѕ.
ítѕ nσt вαѕєd σn íf α pєrѕσnѕ fαllíng вєhínd.αgαpє lσvє ín thє lσrd чσu wíll fínd.thαt lσvє íѕ nσt вlínd. lσvє wíll вє pαtíєnt fσr αwhílє. lσvє wíll вєlíєvє thє вєѕt σf єvєчthíng. lσvє wíll вє kínd. ít wíll αlwαчѕ mαkє чσu unwínd. lσvє wíll єndurє thє tєѕt. íf чσu αrє wrσng ít wíll mαkє чσu cσnfєѕѕ. ít wíll hσpє fσr thє вєѕt.whαtѕ lσvє gσt tσ dσ wíth ít
єvєчthíng íf чσu lєt ít.чєѕ jєѕuѕ lσvєѕ чσu. вєcαuѕє hє gαvє up híѕ lífє. hє wαntѕ tσ cσmє ín чσur hєαrt. plєαѕє αccєpt chríѕt

kєєp σn kєєpín σn

í rєmєmвєr thє church fσlkѕ ѕαчíng kєєp σn kєєpín σn. kєєp σn drєαmíng. kєєp σn вєlíєvíng. kєєp σn αchíєvíng.kєєp σn tíll чσu rєαch thє híghєr grσund. kєєp σn fíghtíng. kєєp lєttíng чσur víѕíσn єхcítє чσu.kєєp σn prαчíng. kєєp thє wσrdѕ σf fαíth ín чσur mσuth αnd kєєp σn ѕαчín.kєєp σn wαlkíng. kєєp σn ѕurrσundíng pσѕítívє gσσd tαlkíng. kєєp σn  ѕurvívíng. kєєp σn ѕtrívíng untíl чσu rєαch thє híghєr grσund. чσu wíll σvєrcσmє. ѕσmє hαvє σvєr cαmє. ѕσmє dσnt wαnt tσ plαч thє вlαmє gαmє.dσnt lívє ín thє ѕhαmє. чσu wíll rєαch thє híghєr grσund.

Let it Go

Let It Go. I heard you got problems to show. I know people just don’t know. Let It Go. I know you got past hurts and failures. You know Jesus can bail you. Let It Go. Holding onto can make you sick you know. Let It Go. Get your life back and take it slow. Forgive those people cuz they don’t know. Save your heart it gives you a brand new start. Go let It Go .Stop holding on just things that used to be you know. Let It Go. Trouble don’t last always. If you keep holding on you won’t grow. Let It Go. Things are always temporary you know. Let It Go better Time’s A Comin and be sure you can be sure you will see your destiny’s show .


Who’s that boy

Who’s that boy. He was a Fat boy born in the city. He was known to be witty. Who was very religious he watched Jim and Tammy Baker. Got saved everyday till someone told him it takes one time .They helped him find the way. He had so much to say. He always knew Jesus was the way. He wore great big buttons on his jacket. He always said jesus will make it happen. . He knew his friends were laughin. He said oh my God what’s happen. Nobody talks to me. No one’s rappin. He loved Gosphel Music he loved shoutin and clappin. He had no doubt what Jesus was all about. He loves to go to church . The word of God he would always search. He always kept alert. He was a fat child. Mom and sister wanted him to adapt the healthy lifestyle. He had low self-esteem he didn’t fit He thought everything was a sin . Someone said God will lift you up. God will fill your cup. He will never stop. He will make you proud of your life one day. Your walk in Jesus you will not be dismayed.