Saving all my love for you Lord

Saving All My Love For You Lord I hold so tightly to the stuff that you give. So tightly to the love that transformed the way I live. Saving All My Love For You Lord. The love that you died on the cross for my sins. The love that said you’ll be the sacrifice. To everyone in this life. Saving All My Love For You Lord. The love that shed abroad in my heart. The love that spreads from me and my fellow man from the start. That love that wants to walk and Obey you in every way. The love that wants to lift up a wayward soul. when they’re not doing their best. Saving All My Love For You Lord.Your good love that crosses every depth and width. The love that touches every Saints heart and remove the hard places in our life .Saving All My Love For You Lord because my love for you is stronger than life I love you with all my heart. I love you and want to keep you tight. Saving All My Love For You Lord we know in the end it will be alright.

Live and let live

Mom said Live and Let Live. That means to reach down in our hearts and forgive. That means to make every day of life to make choices that I can give. That means to get rid of every bad attitude. That means to get rid of the past and ask God to forgive. That means the walk in your liberty .That means to walk in the liberty that Christ gives. That means let your heart be healed and mended To live in a peaceful surrended atmosphere. To live and let live. The best life that God gave you to live.

You have to pay the price.

You have to pay the price
If you have a if you have a vision wait for it to come to pass. If it comes from God you will last. when you enter into a work for your calling, work hard your time won’t be lost .Diligence is the key. Maya says if you do what you .You can win. Maya Angelou says you have to have courage and faith is the key, read your Bible it will give you what you need .Scripture says if you put your hand to the plow and look back you are not fit for the kingdom .kathryn Kuhlman said it will cost you everything. Dr. Martin Luther King paid the price with his life. Dr. Robert Schuller says if it’s going to be it’s up to me. Tough times don’t last tough people do. If you buy something expensive it will cost you a lot so go out and do the work of your calling. You will find yourself in a better place., You know your timing don’t waste it. Make haste. The tribe of issachar in the bible knew its place.

The Road won’t be easy

Nobody told me the road would be easy. do you believe me. You can’t receive what the enemy is trying to give you. God wants to give you a tribute. Can’t believe he brought me this far. The frustrations have been highly bizarre. I believe that God wants to bring me through. When you have faith you don’t have a clue.1st Peter talks about the trials that you will go through. It says that the end he will strengthen you. God said nothing can separate you from his love. Trials and tribulations come from up above. Don’t get all worked up about people you regret. Because God will work it out and you will get the best. God said he’ll give you an expected end. He said you already win. So receive my friend. The word that God sends. He knows all about it and that’s the end.

Know your Season

Do you know what season that you’re in. I know that there’s winter, spring, summer and fall. Sometimes we’re in a winter season. We can’t hear God and our prayers are dry. We seem like we’ve been in the waiting place for so many years. It seems like our love for the Lord is going cold. It seems like the trials will never end. Sometimes we go through spring. Where the birds are chirping. It’s getting warmer. It seems like things are warming up in our life. Is like we’re slowly coming out of the drought. Seems like we’re starting to see a breakthrough. Then there’s the summer. The hot times. Seems like things are really popping off. The pastor one said to me God is like a locomotion train. When you’re in that season you need to hop on and ride the train to the fullest. Those are the times when you need to store up for the winter times. Those are the times when you need to pray more. Those are the times you you need to fast more. Those are the times when you need to give more than you’ve ever given. The tribe of issachar do what season that they were in. if we can look in our spirit. we can discern what type of season that were in. So don’t give up hope my friend. Tough times don’t last people do. The Bible says to everything there is a season. a timeto laugh, cry. So whatever you season that you’re in. just be patient through it and. God will give you wisdom in that season. He will do it. So whatever season that you’re in. know this. Seasons will change.