Man Speaks

Man speaks. I’m more than that not just a manĀ  a hat. I’m all that. A man of character from the Bible fact. I’m Standing Tall because Jesus Paid It All. I’m not just a paycheck. I’m a man with a plan. Do you understand. God had a plan and I ran with it. I’m not just a man. I’m the king of the clan. So what are you talkin about. no diggity doubt.. The man speaks and he knows what he’s talking about.

Billy’s Swag

Billy swag a certain walk. Back in the day the old heads called at a stroll the guys thought they were cool. They do in the hood it was the golden voice roll as for me I like the term walk. Walk through the storms. That’s swag. Choices. Insurance s now it depends on who you want with you can’t walk with every Tom Dick and Harry flying nest eagles Fly alone sometimes you got to walk by yourself watch your step walk in the light don’t live your life in strife walk In Love sent from God above who’s your swag pray about things take this wrong decisions walk round and round the wheels on there no Good Fortune can it bring what Unity can make you saying walked all new life and can bring I am tired now

Let your light shine

Let your light shine. It’s time.Give
Everyone what’s in your heart .So sublime. You be the kindest person you can find. let your lights be like a bell and chime. Chime. Chime.Be filled with the Spirit and not drunk with wine. Let the fruit of the spirit in your heart shine.Cheer up some one and don’t leave them behind.You just let it. Don’t forget to shine. In life have no regrets. My friend take that first step.

He will

He will dry your eyes it’ll get better know that you are the prize. know that you will arise no you will not compromise. know that you will spend another day alive. know that you will strive. Know that he will wipe your tears. Calm your fears. In the last day he will appear. With his angels he will be sincere. He will give you peace. You will not be the least. Your day will come at least. He will give you Joy. No more will you have to be annoyed. He will make your day. He will show you the way. . He knows you by your name by the way. He will always be the same. He will help you to have some sort of change. He will give you the fullest life. that no one can arrange.He will fix it. Give his name the praise

I surrender all

. I surrender all to thee my my blessed savior I surrender all. No much it takes I will answer to your call . Because Lord we know that you know it all. You knew man would fall.Jesus paid the price . He became the sacrifice.. You know that life and when it ends. You are that sacrificial gift. You came with a purpose and would not quit.I won’t waiver. because I you called me to change my behavior. Please let me savor. The one true God give me a favor. I surrender all. My life. my all.You stayed on your focus. Your lordship means more to me. That’s why I worship.I surrender all.