My prayer to my african american brothers

prayer for my young black Brothers. I pray for you that God would strengthen you and that he will give you purpose in your life. I pray that you give your anger and inner turmoil and give it all over to Jesus. The anger could represent imprisonment, sickness and even death. God wants to put laughter and joy in your soul. I pray that we get rid of hateration. That we would be unified as brothers and show love to one another. I pray that God gives us the confidence to achieve whatever there is for us to achieve. Brothers that you are the head and not the tail. Above and not beneath. Blessed coming in and blessed going out. We pray that God will give you the wisdom of Solomon. Because Solomon was a brother of African descent. We pray that you will forgive your mother’s for not following through to have a relationship with your father. We pray that you will respect your elders and that you would learn from the elders what it is that you need to know. Finally,I pray that you will grow up should be a fully mature man in spirit soul and body Amen.

I go to the Rock

I go to the Rock. where where do I go when the storms of life are raging. I can’t go to the drugs or drinking that would be stupid thinking. Who do I lean on when life seems too much. I go to the Rock. I know that you’re able Lord. I go to the Rock. I go to the rock of my salvation. my deliverer. my Redeemer.
Lord I’m not like a weeping child going through starvation. Nowadays and you learn I learned that I’m just not a Castaway. Just won’t throw me away. I go to the Rock. The rock you said Peter will build his church on. The rock that stable will be my source. I know you will open the doors . I know Lord that I’m not leaning on the wrong building but I’m trusting you everyday. I go to the Rock Lord. what else can I say.Lord you are the stable,solid rock.In you I trust and obey.

Jaw-Jackin and talkin

what’s all the jaw jacking and talkin about. Talking about the old neighborhood days. Going to Big Willy’s when we got paid. All the plans we made. Meeting with my girl and going to the parade. Going to Kingsessing to see Evelyn Graves performing thier plays . walking through the neighborhood and talkin. Yes jaw Jackin playing marbles in the street. Sweating so bad from all the heat. Watch your mom in the kitchen making fried chickhen and rolls. listening to family radio and striking a pose. Waiting on Saturday for my sister Kitty. So we can talk about the week . She’ s pretty hopeful and positive when she speaks. I love jaw jacking about the good old days.Seems you’ll never forget remembering thoughts in your mind that got raised .The fun and laughter kept me amazed.

Where are you going

Do you know where you going to. Do you Like what life is showing. Do you have any direction. Do you have a compass of your life of your reflection. Do you like your life.Do you work hard with all your might. When you look at your life do you come short of sight. What gives you Delight. What are you passionate about what could you do all night. Do have a vision you can see. Have you counted the Cost of what it would be. Do you have any future plans. Do you have any current demands. If you have troubles can you stand. Trust in the Lord he will guide you with his eye. He will lead .you will not be denied. Do you know where you’re going today. Trust in Jesus he’ll show you the way